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Release Notes for 10/28/2016

Release Notes for 10/28/2016

– In-game friends requests will show no more than 4 friend requests, sorted by Steam profile level.
– Fixed a case when users could fail to reconnect to a competitive match after restarting their game while experiencing issues logging in to Steam.
– Max Acceptable Matchmaking Ping setting can now be set as low as 25 ms
— If there are official servers satisfying your ping setting then official matchmaking will always put you in a match hosted on those servers.
— If there are no official servers near you satisfying your ping setting then official matchmaking will put you in a match hosted on the next nearest official server, latency to which may exceed your ping setting. In this case, the player will also see the best possible matchmaking ping while searching, along with an indicator if datacenters are offline for maintenance in their region.
– Long clan tags containing Unicode characters in the end will now correctly truncate without showing a corrupt last character.
– Sound effects emitted by killed player now correctly spatialize in killer replay.
– Reduced reverb on weapons and footsteps to fix misleading sound positioning.
– Fixed the missing graffiti effect for R.I.P.I.P. graffiti when sprayed on horizontal surfaces.
– Added lag compensation for teammates when playing with “teammates are enemies” game rules.
– Fixed a vgui bug where an additional character after selection was always copied to clipboard (thanks Justin)

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Release Notes for 10/25/2016

Release Notes for 10/25/2016

– Happy Halloween!

– Fixed a regression where players did not fade to black after death with mp_forcecamera 1.
– Added ability to accept friend requests from CS:GO main menu and to send friend requests from match scoreboard.
– Fixed a case where player would sometimes not be placed in competitive matchmaking queue correctly on the very first search after starting up CS:GO which required stopping search and searching again. (Thanks “Trip” for helping with diagnosing the issue)
– Fixed some instances where incorrect or missing reverb was being applied to sounds.
– Latency to official datacenters is now always measured using Steam Datagram Relay.
– A temporary griefing conviction assigned by Overwatch will now be elevated to a permanent conviction if the suspect had a previous temporary griefing conviction.

– Minor bugfixes

-Added a second set of steps up on A site
-Made wallbangs through windows near A site balcony, A site hut/quad and T apartments towards bridge more consistent
-Pipes in underpass can now be shot through
-Pushed back stairs to graveyard to create more room for defending player
-Made shader for fountain water cheaper to render on low settings
-Prevent name-peeking through gap between pillar and wall in hut/quad
-Fixed various graphical and movement bugs
-Moved back grenade-clip in open door on A site

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Gemeinschaftlicher MineCraft Public



Ab sofort steht wieder ein gemeinschaftlicher Minecraft Server zur Verfügung,
der zusammen mit unserem Partner-Clan 'Verrückte Mongos' geführt wird.



Admins: Orakelix , Sven

Have fun....

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Release Notes for 1/23/2014


- Significant improvement to server infrastructure to support growing CS:GO community.


[ UI ]

- Fixed an alt-tab related memory leak

- Added ability for Friends Lister to display two columns of friends.

- Added ability for mouse wheel to scroll Friends Lister.

- Added filtering by item name. Players can enter any part of an item name in the text field to filter their inventory.

- Added ability to sort items when selecting items that will work with a tool.

- Players can no longer initiate a vote kick on the final round or match point.

- The 'bomb has been planted alert' now also states the number of seconds that mp_c4timer is set to.

- The voice chat button in the lobby (microphone) now stores it's state from session to session.

- Fixed remaining cases where Blog would take mouse input when if was obscured.

- Fixed Main Menu bar buttons getting stuck in highlighted state.

- Context menu entries are now divided into categories.

- Open Case UI will auto-select a key in cases where players do not need to choose between different types of keys.

- Fixed cases where players could not rename items in Lobby and Pause menu inventories.

- Inventory images will show the thumbnail for a weapon's sticker.

- Buying helmet when you already have kevlar will now update the health/armor HUD icon element immediately on purchase.

- Fixed the freeze cam panel not always having the killer's weapon item data during demo playback.

- Grenades now show player ownership in their name.

- Fixed some vote panel text getting truncated.

- Fixed the health, armor and ammo HUD elements not showing up sometimes when spectating some players.

- Fixed some alignment issues on the spectator follow panel

- Fixed the weapon image in the spectator panel not having a background.

- Realigned the spectator follow panel a bit.

- The gift drop alert panel has been de-holiday-ified.

- Removed the snow from the main menu background.

- Turned off rope and freeze cam holiday effects.

- Fixed missing Cyrillic characters in chat.

- Fixed HUD disappearing when alt-tabbing or starting another app (like hlmv).



[ MAPS ]



- [Bombsite A]

-- Moved CT van to give more effective cover

-- Made CT van climbable

-- Moved fences to give more space

-- Removed red car

-- Widened door into back of A

-- Blocked visibility from bridge to canal

-- Tweaked position/rotation of truck

-- Made corridors and stairs under A wider


- [Bombsite B]

-- Moved Bombsite B to CT side of pillar, extended area with a platform to give more space and cover

-- Made players in sniping room easier to silhouette against the background

-- Made cement sacks climbable

-- Opened up wall on CT side

-- Made bridge wider


- [General]

-- Moved up CT spawns and pushed T spawns further back

-- Increased C4 radius to 500 from 400

-- Railings in sniper room no longer blocks bullets or grenades

-- Added light to sniper room balcony

-- Made upper door in park connector wider

-- Made park connector easier to navigate

-- Made corridor near T spawn wider

-- Brighter ambient lights in canal pipes

-- Made climbing thing in playground more solid

-- Made bathroom corridor wider

-- Made windows in bathrooms breakable

-- Added spectator fixed camera positions

-- Tweaked soundscape settings

-- Fixed various minor bugs



- Added collision to top of trees

- Added more accurate model collision

- Removed particle effects that could be mistaken for grenades

- Blocked a sightline in battlements near A

- Blocked a hiding hole in underpass near A

- Removed light models near statue at B that could be mistaken for player heads

- Removed a portapotty at back of B

- Raised height of center fence near B

- Fixed various minor bugs

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Release Notes for 12/18/2013


[ CSGO ]

- Added three purchasable gift options:

-- Gift Package - gives a random item to a random player in your match.

-- Pallet of Presents - gives random items to up to nine people in your match.

-- Audience Participation Parcel - gives random items to up to 25 viewers watching your match.

- Added the Winter Offensive Case, the first-ever community-made case.

- Replaced the eSports case with the new eSports Winter Case.


[ MAPS ]

- Added Cobblestone and Overpass maps, which are available to community servers and offline play. Official matchmaking is limited to Operation Bravo in order to collect additional map balancing data prior to a wider release.

- Fixed an exploit in Assault

- Minor bugfixes in Bank, St.Marc and Sugarcane



- Walking into shallow water no longer makes an audible splash.


[ MISC ]

- Added a link to share downloaded matches. To access this link, download one of your recent matches, view the scoreboard from that match, and click on 'Copy Link.'

- Added say_team support for coaches.

- Added holiday cheer.



- Fixed a Steam authentication problem when running individual CS:GO SDK tools not from Steam Library, but directly from command line.

- Fixed a bug causing workshop uploader tools to retrieve only the first 50 of a user's items.

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